The Trending Tot Tracker

photo 1 copyDying!  Vests and polka dots, my current obsession.  I love how this shady lady is making the neutral tones of this ensemble look anything but bland.  It’s hard to tell in the photo, but the excitement of her shorts doesn’t end with the bubble, there are actually suspenders attached!  And let’s not forget to mention her matching headscarf and the perfect way her glasses compliment her look.

Vest by The Deer and the Daisy – similar style for sale at their Etsy shop:

Shorts and headband by Lacey Lane:


When Life Hands you Lemons

lemonsWhen life hands you lemons pucker up and wear them!  I love the summer.  Yes, of course for the obvious reasons and for the extra exposure of chubby arms and thighs…but also for all the bright colors and prints.  And what bright and colorful print would be more ideal for my little foodie (not necessarily gourmet, just non-stop eating all day!) than bright yellow lemons!

Top by Janie and Jack:

The Trending Tot Tracker

photo-114Happy I want it Wednesday!  As you’ve seen from posts of my Leo, I’m totally feeling the head wrap trend.  Besides looking adorable, they’re a great way to keep little heads covered from the summer sun.  Speaking of summer sun, hello to this amazing bikini by Lapina Kids.  Besides being a fan of black on babes, I love the high waist design, the gold buttons and of course the giant bow.  Considering I live in my denim button downs (yes, I have multiples considering the daily wear is no exaggeration), why shouldn’t your littles?!?

Headwrap by Duchess and Lion.  This style is currently unavailable but check their site out for sales:

Bikini by Lapina Kids.  Launching on Thursday!!!

Check out the Gap, Old Navy and H&M for chambray button downs :)

The Week in Review

10329203_787448394599830_3723353052127271747_nMonday Funday (promise he’s not angry!)  Have a great week everyone :)

Tank by 32nd and Elm:

Custom Leggings by Boco Baby:


10259044_788049171206419_6302190022801103947_nI don’t blamer her…a zebra suit with ruffles #WeAllMakeMistakes!

you too can torture your child with this one piece by Crazy8




10308111_789240721087264_8938354765046296687_n Bags are packed, we’re ready to go!!! #HisAndHers


Tanks by American Apparel

White Harem Pants by Zara:


Black and White Striped Harems by Arrow & Aspen:

10154057_789209217757081_4114862848683823005_nBlue Belle

Headwrap by Airlie Co:

10301068_789430044401665_2940901879261127891_n The Farmer in the Dell

We love this skirt by Bitz Kids fitting better now as a dress :) :

10330460_789656544379015_134063725745013967_nBow-kini ready…yes she works out ;)

Bikini by Crazy8:

10330339_790748354269834_8799252712124103920_nPeace out MIA…it’s been real!

10320555_791328677545135_1401592153856765953_nLittle Lady on a Lawn

Moccasins by Shop Mini Moxie:

The Trending Tot Tracker

image-5Tomboy Tuesday inspired by Aria.  Loving how this little lady looks rocking her Jordans.  Of course it’s fun to dress your little lady in pink with bows, but it’s also fun to let them be comfortable and cool, while still looking chic….tomboy chic ;)  I found some awesome options (I want them all!) for your little lady or lad.

This tomboy chic tee is a must!…throw on a pair of denim cut offs, fringe up the bottom of the tee, put on her jordans and she’ll be scoring a slam dunk ;)

Tomboy Chic Tee by GeoFox Apparel:

Jordan’s from Top to Bottom: